Your best seed source for the whole farm.


Your best seed source for the whole farm.

Now carrying Trical Gainer 154 Triticale

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Gainer 154

Winter Triticale
Trical Gainer 154 is one of the earliest maturing winter triticales available and is very adaptable across many geographies. Triticale is a cross between winter wheat and cereal rye. Its winter hardiness allows it to grow later in the fall than other cover crops, and its fibrous roots continue to grow throughout the winter down to 60 inches or more, building organic soil matter. Triticale’s rapid growth suppresses winter weeds better than rye, and produces a lot of biomass that is good as a mulch mat, forage or straw. Triticale also has an allelopathic effect on weeds and following corn crops.
Key Attributes:
  • Early maturity
  • Excellent stem to leaf ratio
  • Good straw strength
  • Very good winterhardiness
  • Tolerant of rust
  • Prostrate fall growth habit
  • Good fall seedling vigor
  • High silage yields
  • Good silage quality
  • Short plant height
  • Awned (Bearded)
  • Adapted widely throughout Mid-Atlantic, Central Plains, and Northern US
  • Can be winter grazed
  • Plowed under in spring as a green manure
  • Cut and made into haylage & baleage
  • Rolled after boot stage to provide a mulch

Silage Quality: Very Good
Silage Yield: Excellent
Fall Forage Yield: Very Good
Winter Hardiness: Very Good
Height: Short
Maturity: Very Early
Stripe Rust Tolerance: Very Good
Leaf Rust Tolerance: Fair

Planting Rates
Drill or no-till 100-120 lb/acre

Planting Management
Plant Depth: 1/2″ – 1″
Use 40 lb/acre of nitrogen in the fall to help establish seeding, then 70 lb/acre of nitrogen again in the spring if using as a forage.