Your best seed source for the whole farm.


Your best seed source for the whole farm.


When growing corn to be fed on-farm for a beef or dairy operation, selecting a hybrid that provides value in the field and in your feed ration is a simple way to improve profit potential. Unique Enogen Feed hybrids do just that, offering proven genetics and strong agronomic characteristics, plus a step-change in the way starch and sugar are processed during digestion, providing more available energy to beef and dairy cattle.

Enogen Feed hybrids offer excellent yield potential and quality across a variety of soil types and conditions, on top of strong agronomics such as standability and disease tolerance. There are no additional agronomic management practices required, unlike other highly managed silage hybrids. Additionally, Enogen Feed hybrids offer the flexibility to harvest for grain or chop for silage, and perform equal to or better than non-Enogen corn hybrids.

Incorporating Enogen Feed hybrids in your operation is as easy as replacing the corn you currently grow and feed, and allows you to unlock the energy potential of your feed ration. Energy is key to maximizing production, and corn is an important energy source because it supplies starch, which is converted to sugar during digestion. Enogen Feed corn, fed as grain or silage, helps convert starch to sugar more efficiently and

more rapidly during the digestive process, resulting in enhanced digestibility and more readily available energy.

Enogen Feed corn is a high-value output product that must be grown as an identity preserved crop and fed on-farm only. Farmers must adhere to all applicable stewardship requirements, and sign and comply with an Enogen contract.

Syngenta production data from over 350,000 Enogen acres, 2012–2015.